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Get the complete set of the Super Powers Training Manuals (8 units) plus cool bonuses!

It won’t be long before your kids are graduated and out on their own.
What you do now will affect them forever.

Want your kids to be
ALL they were meant to be?

…it starts with having good character….

And it’s easy to teach with Character Training Toolkit!

We all want our kids to have good character, right?

But when it comes to teaching character, we often run into a few problems…

THE TRUTH IS Kids aren’t born knowing how to be honest, courageous, selfless, motivated, etc.
…they need loving adults to teach them these traits….

Teaching our kids have good character
would be so much easier if we had…**an Easy to Follow Roadmap.**


The Building Heroes
Character Training Toolkit

The easy way to teach kids great character

Your Easy to Follow Roadmap That Helps You
  • Avoid nagging.  You don’t have to nag them to good character, when you can make it fun!
  • Have more time. Incorporate character training in your everyday life – the easy way
  • Inspire kids. Guide your kids to want to choose good character by inspiring them to goodness
A character development curriculum to teach your kids about how to apply the hero journey to their own life, about who they are, and how to develop skills and character to become the person they were meant to be.
In the Character Training Toolkit, you’re going to get 8 units of the Super Powers training manuals that you can use to incorporate character training in your every day life.  
See it here:

Get all 8 units for Year 1:

UNIT 1: You are a Hero
Help your kids learn the big picture of life with the pattern of the hero’s journey.   They will love learning to be heroes of their own story!
UNIT 2: Shape Shifting
You are a creator.   You can choose to become who you want to be.   You can create so much good in your life!
UNIT 3: Super Vision
You go in the direction  you are headed.  Goals will help you move forward to becoming the person you want to be. UNIT 4: Super Tracking
You are responsible for your own actions.  Tracking your progress helps you become better.
UNIT 5: Action Heroes
As you learn to listen to your calls to do good and act on those,  you learn to trust your intuition.   Acting builds great confidence!
UNIT 6: Infrared Vision
Seeing the good in life makes us happy.   We can choose to see other people’s points of view.
UNIT 7: Super Hero or Evil Villain?
You have goodness inside.   You can choose to act on your good thoughts, or not.
UNIT 8 Kinetic Absorption
Your conscience will always tell you to do what is good and right.  You can choose to obey your conscience, your parents, and the laws of the land.

Each unit includes:

Short and fun lesson to introduce the unit topic.  Learn, wonder, do!DINNER TABLE DISCUSSION
Definitions, quotes,  power statements  and an anchor chart to hang up to spark conversations

Movies, Picture books, Dress up, Hero spotlight, Activities, Online videos, Music and more!

Go deeper with thoughtful journal questions and book recommendations.

Add more meaning with easy to access videos to inspire
I’m also including these extras  that every super hero needs!

Your cheatsheet to super speed character training. A plan to cover the most important traits at sonic speed. (Value $17)


A printable and completely customizable coloring book to help your kids see themselves as heroes on their own path. (Value $17)


A short video training to help you more about the Hero Journey and how to help your heroes along their individual paths.

Get the complete Character Training Toolkit today!

All the principles are coordinated with Building Heroes Academic Curriculum!


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