History Year 1 Spiral Bound Book


Learn from heroes of history!



HISTORY – Year 1

In history, we learn about heroes of history and how their story can apply to our own hero journey.   We also learn about the patterns of history and why people did what they did. 

With these short, engaging lessons and fun hands-on activities, your kids will love learning about history, making connections!  Also includes tie-ins to art and music history.

Year 1 History is an overview/big picture of all of world history.   It includes all 8 units.   Each unit is 30-50 pages long, and takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

UNIT 1: Imhotep / Ancient Egypt
UNIT 2: Hammurabi / Babylon & Mesopotamia
UNIT 3: Socrates / Ancient Greece
UNIT 4: Cicero / Ancient Rome
UNIT 5: Martin Luther / Medieval Europe
UNIT 6: Michelangelo / Renaissance Europe
UNIT 7: Benjamin Franklin / Early America
UNIT 8: Gandhi / Modern Times.

If you purchase the PRINT copy, you will receive a spiral-bound book of all 8 units. 

See samples, video and learn more HERE.

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