Homeschool Family Co-op


The hands-down easiest homeschool family co-op for kids under 12

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There were some things I wanted to teach my kids, but really never got around to doing!  I also wanted some good friends for my kids too.  Enter a homeschool co-op!

I tried MANY different kinds of homeschool co-ops, from small to large, from very organized to go with the flow in the past 20 years of homeschooling.

I had so many kids (7), it was often difficult to do – I didn’t know how I could involve all (or most of them.)  If it wasn’t structured enough, it would fall apart, and we’d feel like we were wasting our time.  If it was TOO intense, we would all go crazy and get burned out.

I liked more structure for my teens and so do they.  We love our (very structured) commonwealth for that.  But it was really rough for the younger kids to be there all day long.

That’s when I hit upon this new model for a homeschool co-op.

This one I can stick with and so can my kids and the other families!

It’s structured enough to feel like the kids are learning but not so much that the moms feel like they have to plan a ton.

It’s inexpensive to do!

The kids enjoy it because they keep moving around, learn a great variety of things with their friends, and it’s not too long.

Moms (or older teens) take turns volunteering so they don’t get burned out by having to teach all the time.

This ebook will give you all the details on how our co-op does it, along with examples and sample forms.

You can do this!


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