Math Year 1 Spiral Bound


1 year of family-style, historical based math to get inspired!



MATH – Year 1 

Learn math how you’ve never done it before!  Go through the history of math, and learn why we do math like we do, find cool patterns, make creative math projects, and do interesting calculations.  Your whole family will find it fascinating!

Year 1 of Building Heroes Academy Math, includes 8 units of 30-50 pages each, designed to take 4-6 weeks each. Don’t worry if they sound unfamiliar, everyone can learn at the level they are on! 

UNIT 1: BEGINNINGS: Babylonian numbers, Egyptian numbers, Chinese numbers, Incan numbers
UNIT 2: CREATION: Basic Geometry, Order in numbers, Hebrew number system, Rounding numbers
UNIT 3: GREECE:  Greeks and Logic, Greek number system, Plato and Platonic solids, Odd and even numbers
UNIT 4: ROME:  Roman numerals, Ancient games, Roman calculus, Skip counting
UNIT 5: MEDIEVAL: Bramagupta and zero, Al-Kwarizmi and algorithms, Fibonacci, Base 10 number system
UNIT 6: RENAISSANCE: Tally Marks, John Wallis and math symbols, Number lines and negative numbers, Cryptography
UNIT 7: EARLY MODERN: Counting in different languages, Estimating, Infinity, Making Tens
UNIT 8: MODERN: Binary Number Systems, Venn Diagrams, Probability, Fractals and Chaos theory

If you purchase the PRINT copy, you will receive a spiral-bound book of all 8 units. 

See samples, video and learn more HERE.


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