Kindness Daily


Why intentional kindness can be life-changing!

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At the end of 2012, I had a crazy thought that I wanted to do something kind every day for a year and blog about it.    Crazy, because I was a busy homeschool mom of 7 and quite frankly, I’d never been consistent at anything for a year.  Still, I decided to give it a try, and what I learned was life-changing for me.

I called it the Kindness Daily Challenge, and if you’ve read my book,  “How to Get Everything (Important) Done:  Homeschool AND Clean the House AND Stay Sane!” you know I referred to that challenge and blog in there.

One thing I learned that I truly wasn’t too busy to be kind, like I had been thinking.

When the blog got taken out by hackers, I was fortunate to be able to recover the content and put it into this 122 pg eBook!  It chronicles my blog posts and my epiphanies as I went through the challenge!


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