Language Arts Year 1 Spiral Bound Book


Language arts the fun way!



With short, engaging lessons with hands on and fun activities, and hardly any worksheets, all the kids will enjoy these language arts lessons!

BHA Year 1 Language Arts includes all 8 units.   Each unit is 30-50 pages long, and takes 4-6 weeks to complete.  Topics covered include grammar, literature, writing, poetry and more! 

UNIT 1:  Nouns, Alphabetical Order, Brainstorming, Writing Instructions
UNIT 2:  Verbs, Book Reports, Sentences, Creative Writing, Envelopes
UNIT 3:  Adjectives, SPCC, Poetry, Articles, Subjects, Letter writing
UNIT 4:  Pronouns, Authors, Abbreviations, Interview, Sentences, Writing Enhancements
UNIT 5: Adverbs, Mood, Personification, Punctuation, Dictation, Capitalization, Descriptive Essay
UNIT 6: Prepositions, Book Review, Contractions, Syllables, Skits, Antonyms/Synonyms
UNIT 7: Conjunctions, Onomatopoeia, Parts of Speech, Alphabetical Order, Homophones, Summarizing
UNIT 8: Interjections, Compare and Contrast, Parts of Speech, Dialogue, Poetry 

Each unit also includes a family read aloud discussion guide and poetry unit.   All units across every subject are coordinated with unit character principles, which you can learn more in-depth with the Character Training Toolkit.

Do I need anything extra?
You will need the read aloud book for each month (purchase or get from the library.)  Other than that you only need basic homeschool supplies.

See samples, video and learn more HERE. 

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